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Tue, 16 August 2022 11:00 – 12:00 BST

EnterprisingYou Webinar - Running your business in a tax-efficient way

For all businesses, the question of tax is important and can often lead to unnecessary worry, higher costs and missed opportunities.


In this session, business coach Phil Starr will be joined by Wendy Brown from Lunar Accounting, who will highlight some myths and misunderstandings about business taxation, an essential part of your personal and business financial planning.

The session will include:

  • What are your responsibilities for reporting your tax liabilities as a sole trader or limited company?
  • What tax allowances are often missed that could help reduce your tax bill?
  • Budgeting for tax bills and payments on account
  • When should you or must you register for VAT, and what are your options?
  • Employing yourself and others through PAYE


There will be an opportunity for you to put any questions you may have regarding taxation to a qualified tax professional.


About our guest speaker:

Wendy Brown is a fully qualified accountant with Lunar Accounting and has almost 20 years of experience, working with businesses from sole traders through to large companies, such as Ford and Xerox, in financial and management accountancy. Wendy has a great understanding of the challenges facing small businesses as they grow.


Disclaimer: This information session is intended solely to provide guidance and is not personal financial advice. We recommend businesses seek qualified professional advice for their circumstances.



Fri, 19 August 2022 10:30 – 12:30 BST

Self-employed Business Boost & Business Networking for Men

Energise yourself and your business through meeting fellow small business owners dealing with the challenges that self-employment brings.


Come and join our first male-only business networking event to connect with other like-minded business owners. This is a safe space for you to open up the challenges you are facing and get some advice on stress management in a business focussed context.


We have invited business owner, Michael Haigh from "What MEN say"/The Leap Coaching to talk about:

  • How to deal with being overwhelmed
  • Staying sane in business
  • Sharing the ups and downs of owning a business


EnterprisingYou business coach, Simon Dickinson, will talk about why self-awareness and emotional literacy are important for small business owners:

  • Accessing talking therapies and what this looks like in reality
  • Life scripts and experience
  • Self-doubt and Imposter syndrome


And EnterprisingYou wellbeing specialist, Abby Booth, will be there to introduce our fully funded support on offer.



This event will take place at Bruntwood BlackFriars Auditorium.