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Local COVID alert levels: Very High (Tier 3)

Due to the latest updates from UK Government, Greater Manchester will now be operating under the ‘Very High’ tier (Tier 3) restrictions.

We are aware of the challenges businesses in the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries face and that you may not be able to operate under the Tier 3 restrictions. We are here to continue our support to the self-employed.

Supporting your self-employment journey

Are you self-employed or running your own business and keen to grow? Not sure how to improve client retention? Know the basics but want to take your venture to the next level? Whatever you’re facing, whether financial issues, instability with work, health barriers or not knowing what step to take next; there is support available.

EnterprisingYou is a government-funded programme specially designed to support self-employed individuals, including those who work in the gig economy and small business owners in Greater Manchester. You will discover your growth potential and ways to achieve your career goals through this programme. Apart from start-up owners and gig workers, we also support people who receive work from a company or an agency but are registered as self-employed or pay their own taxes. We can help you with free advice in different areas, from personal skills and career development to business finance and mentoring – we’ve got you covered.

You’ve done the hard work setting up a business or taking that step into self-employment, now it’s time to go further, but it doesn’t have to be alone. Register below to find out how our programme could help you.

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To sign up to the programme please click here.

Features of EnterprisingYou

Grow your business

Grow your business

  • Increase your business profits, sustain and grow your business
  • Access business development advice
Maximise your potential

Maximise your potential

  • Increase your skills, knowledge and confidence 
  • Access digital support
Improve your earnings

Improve your earnings

  • Increase your prospects and explore retraining opportunities
  • Access skills and career advice

How can we help?

We will start off with a meeting where we will discover what's working well for you and your business, and where you feel you may need support. We will then design your EnterprisingYou programme around your needs, and you will be assigned a Business Coach who will work with you throughout your journey.

The programme lasts 6 months and you will meet your Business Coach several times throughout the period. At the end of this, you will provide feedback for us so we can assess how the programme has helped.



Skills &

Do you have the right knowledge and skills to achieve your ambition?

Skills & Training

Life &

What are your ideas and ambitions for your business?

Life aspirations

Health & Wellbeing

What effect does your health and wellbeing have on your ambitions?

Health and wellbeing

Finances &

How can you improve your financial circumstances?