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A new beginning...

Now that you’ve completed your journey with EnterprisingYou, we want you to be able to access ongoing signposting and information on topics that our business coaches and specialists think would be useful to your business.

We will regularly update the aftercare pages with relevant information and content that will continue to support you and help your business grow.

Our EnterprisingYou experts will share blogs, fact sheets, news articles; with an easy to navigate directory of support services that will be useful for you, your business and those around you.

So, what EnterprisingYou services can I access?

Health Assured
Health Assured is a unique online platform, offering free and confidential assessments, referrals, follow-up services and short-term counselling on a variety of topics. From help with issues like mental health, bereavement and relationships to financial and legal advice, you will be entitled to six sessions per year, per problem, with a qualified and experienced counsellor, as well as having access to a variety of online resources, all completely free of charge to you as a previous client via the online portal.

Employability support
Abintegro’s unique online platform gives users 24/7 access to over 10,000 online courses, articles and videos to help you succeed, and the best part is it’s free for those that have been on EnterprisingYou’s government-funded programme. Just log in to the online portal to access.

Women in business coffee mornings
Each month we’ll be chatting about the challenges that self-employed women can relate to, such as confidence, selling yourself and work-life balance. It’s a safe space to get support from other women who are self-employed and will be hosted by our dedicated and experienced EnterprisingYou Business Coaches. So if you’re self-employed woman in the Greater Manchester area, come and join the discussion.

Ambassador networking opportunities and communications
Be part of online community of EnterprisingYou ambassadors; where you'll have the opportunity to network with your past-client peers and expand your contacts list to help your business evolve. We'll also provide you with the tools to help spread the word, so others can take advantage of the fantastic support this programme offers.

Access to our regular support webinars
Have the freedom to attend our regular webinars that provide advice and support on a variety of topics and areas to help maintain and grow your business.

We’re here to help your contacts

Do you know someone that could benefit from the fantastic support you have already experienced?

Whatever their business needs, if they’re self-employed, a freelancer or you work in the gig economy across Greater Manchester, then we’re here to help.

Forward our details, so they can sign up to EnterprisingYou now.

Phone: 0161 667 6900
Email: info@enterprising-you.co.uk

Other useful resources

Access the EnterprisingYou blog for more advice and resources

Now that you've taken advantage of the EnterprisingYou's client services, take a look through the blog articles for further advice and support.

Take advantage of the regular EnterprisingYou events

Require further advice from our experienced coaches? Or maybe you'd like to extend your network with other people that have been on programme? Our EnterprisingYou webinars have got you covered...