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Are you over 50 and seeking a new direction? Perhaps you’ve recently moved into self-employment, started a new business, or are wanting to make a career change. Kick-start your development now with our bespoke programme of support.

Whatever you’re facing, whether financial issues, instability with work, health barriers or not knowing what step to take next, EnterprisingYou is here to support you.

Despite rising employment rates for those over 50, this age category continues to face greater difficulty in accessing work-related training and re-entering employment than younger age groups (Centre for Aging Better). At EnterprisngYou, we believe this needs to change. Join our programme and increase your access to the resources you need.

Fifty plus is the perfect time to direct your skills and knowledge towards a fresh challenge, and we are here to help make that happen.

If you are a self-employed resident of Greater Manchester and have personal total earnings of less than £27,000 p/a, please sign up to our fully-funded programme for FREE and receive support that is tailored to your needs.

Our services

1:1 Business Coach
Fast forward your progress by speaking in confidence and with openness to our experienced team of Business Coaches. Together, we can review and identify what options are available to you whatever challenges you face.

Personal Finance Specialist
Confidential 1:1 support to help you look at your personal finance needs.

Training and Personal Development
Advance your development with access to a range of FREE training to help you upskill, re-skill or consider retraining for a different career path – all the training courses are fully paid for by the EnterprisingYou programme, so you won’t be out of pocket.

Training courses include:

  • Business planning
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital marketing (Social media)
  • Website development
  • Business finance planning
  • Prepare for tax assessment
  • Relationship building and networking

...and much more.

Health and Wellbeing Support
Benefit from access to a Health and Wellbeing Coach for 1:1 support along with full free access to our Health and Wellbeing portal. We appreciate that these are challenging times and that individuals may need support coping – we are here to help with this.

Employment Support
You may have decided that self-employment is no longer for you. We can help you to look at the alternatives and support you on that journey, with free access to a comprehensive careers portal, coaching, access to a National Careers Services Advisor and of course, our full Training and Personal Development offering.

We’re here to help

Have you recently become self-employed and need a push in the right direction? You may be looking to grow your business but need help with digital and social media skills? Perhaps you’re currently working in multiple temporary roles and are looking for a more reliable income.

Whatever your business, if you’re self-employed, a freelancer or you work in the gig economy, we’re here to help.

Sign up now below or talk to our team to find out more about the EnterprisingYou programme:

Phone: 0161 359 3050

What our clients say

EnterprisingYou is such a personal journey as much as a business one and I am grateful to Clare (Business Coach) for her understanding, support and encouragement for the future. It has really helped me embrace accountability ... as well as the ability to accommodate flexible plans during challenging uncertainty.

Mat Booth

I can’t thank you enough! ... the support you have given is immense: from advice on finance, paperwork, direction and so much more ... I have also been fortunate enough to be allocated an incredibly helpful and understanding mentor. I am so very excited about the future for my business, doing what I love most... Thank you!

Andri Soteri-Proctor