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For the last couple of months, we have seen a massive shift and change in how we work, play and exercise. These unprecedented times have thrown nearly every business owner a massive curve ball. For everyone at EnterprisingYou, we have been there to work with and support many business owners facing the impact this has had on those running an SME. Many have risen to the challenge and diversified their normal working practices while others have found opportunities for growth.

Our health and wellbeing team have been fantastic by helping us all to support our participants, from resilience training, to general wellbeing such as getting a better night’s sleep (something which I am sure we can all agree that most of us have had at least a few restless nights). Just remember that you are not alone, this strange and unusual time has created a level playing field, where everyone has been impacted, and here are my top tips to maintaining your productivity:


1. Know that you are not alone

Speak to your friends and family and make the most of the support available. As a participant of EnterprisingYou, you will have access to a qualified and experienced team who has an invested interest in you succeeding; without the emotional attachment you have, we can help you see things more clearly; join your peers via group sessions or networking and learn how others are taking control and dealing with the issues that they face or speak to one of our specialists 1:1.

2. Build your confidence

Learn what your strengths are and look to develop areas where there is a skill or knowledge gap. Look to make the most out family and friends by asking them what you’re good at, you may be surprised by what others can and will do for you.

3. Grow your resilience

Be kind to yourself, you are juggling your work, life and family from a small space at home, so remember to take time out and pat yourself on the back, acknowledge all that you have already achieved In business evolution this should always be the plan. Accept that right now, even if things are happening at a slighter faster or slower rate than you may have planned for.

4. Look after your health

You’re going to feel or face stress, that’s a fact of running a business. But making sure you look after your health is paramount in helping you cope, especially now while there are so many unknowns and variables. Eat and sleep well, get some exercise and share your burdens with a good listening ear. If things really do get too much, then make sure you talk to the right person, there is no shame in feeling down or blue, and there is help available.

5. Make an action plan

Take all that noise out of your head, make some realistic plans, be clear and decide what you want to achieve, then set dates with measures in place so that you can monitor any successes, keep good notes and learn from any activities that didn’t quite hit the mark. Your EnterprisingYou Coach can help you with planning.

6. Keep a diary

Replicating your successes means knowing how got there, so your records will help with that. A diary or a to-do list can help you with planning your day, so that you don’t spend too much time on unimportant jobs, focussing not just on urgent activities but some longer-term plans too, whilst using your time wisely to achieve your goals.


We understand that these are challenging times, and we want to help, finding solutions to problems, alternative ideas and options that allow you to keep moving forward.

Here at EnterprisingYou, we have been able to support and work with our business owners to look for ways to shift from in-person to more remote service delivery, or transition from services to products, allowing for sales to be made and customer engagement to continue. As a fully funded programme supporting the self-employed and gig economy workers across Greater Manchester. We have delivered training in making the most out of digital resources such as social media, or even Zoom and Microsoft Teams, whilst using these ourselves, to ensure you can access remote but still face to face support, so as not to miss out on those vital visual cues.

If you would like to speak to one of our Business Coaches for a diagnostic and eligibility check onto the programme, please contact 0161 667 6900 or email

More information about the our programme can be found here.

About the author

James Aspinwall

James Aspinwall

Business Coach at People Plus

James founded CRD people screening in 2001 and led the high growth of the business as Managing Director for 12 years during which time he developed a market leading product and grew annual sales to £3M. After a successful exit in July 2013, he took on the role of business consultant helping to support businesses from the technology market.  He has also held a mentoring role at the local chamber of commerce supporting small businesses.