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Health and Wellbeing

Top tips to look after your health & well-being

We've collected some top tips with the help of EnterprisingYou clients you can incorporate into your daily routine to help you look after your health & well-being.

Taking the Pressure Out of Presents

Are you feeling immense pressure at the thought of Christmas present shopping? Read some tips from our Wellbeing Specialist to learn how to ease the pressure.

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Behaviour Change - It starts with YOU!

Have you ever decided not to use the last drop of milk for a cuppa because you aren’t motivated to go to the shop? Want to change behaviour but don't know how to do it? Read the insight from our Health & Wellbeing Specialist about behaviour change theory and get inspired.

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Victoria Merness - Crafting her Embroidery Business from Home

To promote the therapeutic practice of stitching through embroidery to help people’s wellbeing, EnterprisingYou client, Victoria Merness, provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life with the products from her Little House of Victoria.

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Running a Business when the Kids are Running Wild

Having kids and running a business both carry immense joy, stress, satisfaction and pressure. Keeping your business going through the summer is very important but shouldn’t be at the expense of spending quality time with your children, having fun, and making memories. Read some top tips from our Health & Wellbeing Specialist to help you manage the balance between work and family.

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How To Look After Your Health & Wellbeing When Running Your Business

Health & Wellbeing is important for the self-employed to focus on as often the self-employed are one-man bands. EnterprisingYou business coaches led a discussion in our last women's coffee morning and gathered some top tips to help you improve this area.

Karen Rudd - A Lockdown Self-employed Mum Juggling the Dual Demands of Work and Family

Being a new mum can be a lonely and isolating time, least of all in the height of a pandemic. We spoke with the mumpreneur and EnterprisingYou client to hear her story as she juggled between a clingy baby and a new business, both crying for attention...

Jane Fern and Her Decluttering Business

Trained by the decluttering guru and Netflix star Marie Kondo, our client, Jane Fern, is eager to help solve any organising issues and develop systems that will last a lifetime for her clients online and offline.

Find out more about her story and her business.

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New Year Same You: A Chance to Feel Better About Yourself Everyday

What could you do today that tomorrow’s version of you would thank you for?

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Selfemployed woman stress management

Stress Awareness – Regaining Control

How often do you feel like you are not in complete control of your everyday life and start feeling stressed?

Read our guide and find out what you should do about things you cannot control?

Stress Awareness – Regaining Connectivity

Causes of stress can be different for everyone. Letting your demands outweigh your resources will always have you feeling stressed.

Read our guide and find out how to manage your stress and learn how to regain connections with your work and with the people around you.

‘Staycation or Break-cation? - Finding the time for rest and recuperation

A staycation can be whatever you need it to be. The important thing to remember is that everyone needs to take a break to look after their wellbeing – rest and recuperation is vital.

Whether you are planning to include more staycations or breakcations, read our top tips here.

A candid conversation with Imposter Syndrome speaker Dr Katie Ford

A Vet, Imposter Syndrome Speaker, Coach, Mentor and EnterprisingYou client. Katie provides both 1:1 and group coaching programs for professionals, alongside online courses, helping them overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt. 

How mentoring can transform your self-employment journey

A mentoring relationship can be a hugely rewarding experience for all involved; that’s why here at EnterprisingYou we provide free access to mentors who are dedicated to supporting your self-employment journey.