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So, January is a time of year when a lot of people let go of the year before and make plans to be a new version of themselves moving into the year ahead.

Whether this be starting a health kick with eating better, moving more or partaking in the art of drinking less. Some people may decide to get more organised or cross something off their career bucket list.

This is all great, but not everyone may feel that current circumstances may allow for it.

There is a lot of talk around new perspective for the new year, however the ask of changing ourselves overnight can be a bit of an ask. Our mindset, personal circumstances and general outlook may remain very much the same as at 11.59 on New Year’s Eve.

A lot of people pin their hopes on miraculously changing long term habits or starting something new and exciting on the first Monday in January. This can be very challenging and also very tiring.

Even if this wasn’t you this year and you are just trying to get back into the swing of a normal week, you may also be starting to feel tired already.

A recent survey, by the charity SPANA of 2,000 Brits, found that most adults don’t feel like they’re functioning properly at work until they’ve been ‘back in the saddle’ for almost a full working week.
So whether you work full days/half days/part time, there is a chance that this week may feel a bit of a drag, no matter how well intentioned you may have been at the start of the week.

For most though, January 2022 is very different to any other.
Although it may be a new year, it does very much feel like the feeling of 2021 is hanging around like a bad smell.
This then influences our mindset and may be the block for some people to move forward or to feel like they can become a better version of themselves and hit those resolutions- knowing that not too much of their personal circumstances have changed.

Well, I’m here to tell you it is okay to not be a “new” or “improved” version of yourself but instead we can focus on ways to help you see every day as an opportunity to take a step towards where you would like to be.

What could you do today that tomorrow’s version of you would thank you for?

Consider how you would feel right now if you had already completed all the things you have to do today?
That would be great wouldn’t it?

Chances are it would spur you on to chase the exact same feeling by doing the same thing tomorrow for the next day.

Just like that, we have found a glimmer of motivation by bringing the reward of a task much closer to us.

So here are a few tips for helping you to give a future version of you a much-needed break:

Pay something forward for yourself.
This may be something as small as putting the bin out tonight, so you don’t have to dash out last minute in the morning to show the street your best Torvill and Dean impression in your dressing gown.

Investing in today to reap the rewards tomorrow.
It is very easy to put off the tasks you do not want to do.
I’m sure a lot of people are catching up on work this week, having the feeling of regret that they didn’t get everything squared off in December before hitting that ‘Out of Office’,  therefore now wading through a sea of half-finished things with little motivation.
It might be persevering with getting your tax return done so that tomorrow you can crack on with something new fully content in your mind that you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Give yourself a pat on the back.
This may be ticking things off a newly formed to do list to show that even getting through the smallest of tasks can be the catalyst for some new formed motivation.

Motivation may be lacking in different areas right now, but these are some great ways to build some momentum- Knowing that what you do today will help you tomorrow.

So no matter how much or how little you get done today, be kind to yourself.
If you are looking to find inspiration for a bit of positivity in your every day then let us start with something small and pay the kindness forward to ourselves.

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
--Martin Luther King, Jr.


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About the author

Naomi Greene

Health and Wellbeing Adviser at People Plus

Originally from the midlands, Naomi has a rich fitness background from a young age. Previously worked at two football club foundations (including one Premier League) running health and wellbeing programmes and helped people from all walks of life as a Personal Trainer. She is passionate about helping people to improve their health and wellbeing starts with the mindset to make small but long-term sustainable changes.