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To achieve your goals when you’re building a business, it could be overwhelming. From business modelling and development, to customer acquisition strategies to marketing and financial planning, running a business alone is not for everyone. We have seen it all - some people get this right without really knowing how, so struggle to replicate previous success, whereas others try and spend a lot of time on this area of their business, but with minimal success, even if their products or services are really great.  We make it our business to learn as much as we can about all the various sectors that we work with and the many years of experience as a business advisor/coach, ensures that we are best placed to support them.

There are lots of benefits from working with a Business Coach. We are here to grow and accelerate your business; we could be a sounding board and a creative thinker who brings you fresh ideas; we could guide you through setting your focus and a more precise goal; and we would support your business growth by giving you access different opportunities to learn and enhance your skills and abilities.


Recently I have been giving some marketing advice to my self-employed clients, this includes:

  1. Fundamental marketing principles: making sure that they know how to research, where and why, including understanding who their direct and indirect competitors are.
  2. Positioning: guiding them to get a better understanding of their unique selling proposition (USP) in comparison to their competitors, relevant to both their key products and services.
  3. Marketing plan: ensuring that they can create a marketing plan of action, that includes creating campaigns that consider seasonality, key trends and the needs and wants of their core target audience customer.
  4. Promotional channels: advising them to utilise social media for both research and promotions, to assist with their understanding, and improve target customer reach and growth.


It is always important to look back into these key areas as they are fundamental to your business, you should actively look at ways to update and improve from time to time. What’s more, I would recommend making the most out of the workshops and resources that are available, as these can really help to enable you to take control of your business development in a more structured manner. While having clear goal setting to achieve your aims and active customer engagement through effective marketing.

If you’re considering business coaching to help take your business to the next level, your first call should be to EnterprisingYou. We are a fully-funded programme to support the self-employed and gig economy workers across Greater Manchester to move forward on the road to success. For more personalised advice, please sign up on our programme.

If you would like to speak to one of our Business Coaches for a diagnostic and eligibility check onto the programme, please contact 0161 667 6900 or email

More information about the EnterprisingYou programme can be found here.

About the author

Adam Butler

Adam Butler

Business Coach at People Plus

Adam spent over 18-years working in the corporate foreign exchange market in both London and Sydney, trading foreign currency to corporate clients and latterly heading up a relationship management team. In the last few years, Adam has run his own foreign exchange and business consulting company. He also ran a small beer importation business. Adam’s passion is understanding how varying businesses operate and devising and implementing solutions to help them survive and thrive!