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Although busy with work and family, not to mention in the middle of moving to Spain, Debbie still found time to virtually have a chat about Reach Digital, We Luv Local and EnterprisingYou, all from sunny Costa Blanca.

Hi Debbie, let’s start with the move, can you tell me more about moving from Bury to Spain?

Well, I’m currently in Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca coast, I’m here with my husband and two children who are five and seven. We’ve moved here for family reasons and thankfully we can still run the business no matter where we are in the world.

Wow, good luck with the move! I’d love to find out more about Reach Digital?

Absolutely, we help small businesses to create an online marketing presence that gives them and their business credibility. We offer marketing expertise and build websites that reflect the client, their products or services. Lots of our clients see an increase in custom and growth as a result of working with Reach Digital.

What’s your experience in marketing and when did you become self-employed?

I have lots of experience in marketing, I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and I loved my job. After being on maternity leave, I decided that it was the right time to start my own business. We launched Reach Digital in 2014 and since then, Andy and I have helped a whole range of businesses with digital marketing, branding and websites.

Andy is your husband and business partner; can you tell me more about that dynamic?

Andy and I work very closely, we make a great team! I really enjoy working with clients, learning about their business and goals and understanding how Reach Digital can help businesses to the best they can be. Andy is great at the processes and software side of the business and our experience and skills complement one another well.

You’ve also been supporting businesses during the pandemic and launched We Luv Local?

We Luv Local was a result of the first lockdown and in response to an appetite on social media from businesses across the UK to have a free space to advertise themselves and keeping in touch with people who would usually visit them in person. We currently have around 800 businesses registered and its been amazing to help businesses and customers stay connected.

What support have you had from EnterprisingYou?

Clare, my Business Coach has been amazing, I love her to bits. She was there to advocate We Luv local and her support has been invaluable, she helped me question the fundamentals of my business which has been invaluable, seeing things from a new perspective is always great and knowing that you have support there is great.

And what attracted you EnterprisingYou?

What attracted me was the training, mentoring and coaching and all for free, EnterprisingYou works around me and my commitments and Clare has gone out of her way to understand my business. All of that support can really make a difference to a business, and I have really benefited from working with the EnterprisingYou team.

What would you say to self-employed people who are considering accessing support from EnterprisingYou?

Businesses owners can often feel overwhelmed and the amount of support available, all for free, is incredible. Whether you need a Business Coach, training or mentoring, there’s so much on offer and I’m confident that there’s something there for everyone!

Get in touch with Debbie via email,, or by phone: 0330 107 1560.


EnterprisingYou provide fully funded support to the self-employed and gig economy workers across Greater Manchester. If you would like to find out more about EnterprisingYou, register online, email or call 0161 667 6900 to speak to one of our business coaches. 

More information about the EnterprisingYou programme can be found here

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